About Us

Gold Star Metals, established in 2007, is a complete metal processing and recycling company dedicated to serve America's growing industries by providing safe, and efficient methods of ferrous metal recycling.

By obtaining all end-of-life ferrous metal from every industry, Gold Star Metals processes these metals and prepares them to be melted, and re-used. By doing so, Gold Star prevents future extraction of resources from the earth and eliminates greenhouse gases by significantly conserving the amount of energy required to manufacture new metals. In fact, Gold Star Metals processes and recycles over 120,000 tons of ferrous metal each year, which is equivalent to conserving nearly 216,000 barrels of oil, 1,308,000 BTU's of energy, and 480,000 cubic yards of landfill space.


Our mission is to prevent future ore extraction and environmental hazards by reclaiming waste metal to be processed and recycled.


Our team has successfully structured long-term metal recycling programs with many companies through an extensive range of industries. Of this, many are on the Fortune 500 list. Our team creates long-term programs to ensure quality results for our clients and the environment.