We are dependable partners to all our clients, from the smallest company to the largest industry. At GSM, we don’t just value the work that we do, but also our relationships. We always show up on time whenever we are needed.


Our entire organisation is built on trust. Internally, every member from the CXOs to the junior-level staff works honestly and with utmost sincerity. We also extend this core value to all our customers and build honest and trustworthy relationships with all our suppliers.


Since our inception in 2007, we have grown to become one of America’s leading and fastest-growing metal recycling companies. As we scale to new heights, we are still rooted in our core values of being reachable and available to all our clients, as and when needed. Our growth has offered us the chance to expand our resources to accommodate various situations promptly.


One of the reasons we have managed to scale rapidly over the years has been due to our innovative solutions to common problems. Our team of quick-thinking and creative members are always on the lookout for new practices that help our clients as well as protect the environment. This also helps us stay one step ahead in a dynamic market that is ever-changing.


We believe in hiring the best of the best and cultivating employees to perform at their optimum level. Our team comprise of some of the best and brightest minds in the industry ensuring we are proficient in everything we do.

Customer service

The customer’s success is our success. We always show up for our customers and are always ready to extend a helping hand for new situations that may arise. Without great customer service, an organisation cannot grow. One of the most valuable assets that has supported our growth has been our relationships with our customers.