We offer customized metal-recycling programs for every industry. From Oil and gas companies, to demolition contractors - we analyze and process scrap metal by-products from day-to-day industrial operations safely.

In some cases, industrial projects may be discontinued or required to change course. This can lead to severe financial loss and environmental concern if the metal is left unattended. We have the capability to partner with various industries at every stage of the project to ensure all assets can be recovered or turned into valuable material.

Our team members are experts in metal recycling and thus able to offer customised plans for every client. Every project is undertaken responsibly to ensure all material is recovered optimally to benefit the client and the environment.

Industries we currently serve


Demolition and Dismantling

Energy and Gas


We provide high-quality and tailored solutions for each of our clients to help reduce their financial burden while leaving a positive impact on the environment by adopting safe and efficient recycling procedures.

For maximum value and safe processing of your industrial operations, connect with us.