One of the biggest deterrents for companies when it comes to recycling metal is managing the logistics and transportation. Moving scrap from the industrial site to the recycling plant can be time-consuming and overwhelming for a lot of companies.

We are located near to large industrial suppliers and railways, deep water ports and major highways. These valuable access points provide enable us to deliver processed scrap metal timely where it is most needed.

We have huge inventory of roll off dumpsters ready to be dispatched to your facility or jobsite. Dumpsters are serviced on your schedule; we will work with your organization to determine the best dispatch times. Contact us today to schedule the right logistics service for your facility or jobsite.

We at Gold Star handle all of the logistics necessary for the processing and treating of your scrap material. We provide our clients with the most efficient and reliable method of transporting freight across various shapes and forms to our facilities.

By using reverse logistics, Gold Star is able to provide mass shipment on-time to create one of the most inclusive, efficient, and safe metal-waste transportation operations. Through due diligence and the utmost care, we provide a complete hassle-free and safe metal-recycling experience for all our clients.

Domestic and Exports

We create a mutually convenient schedule to pick-up and drop-off the desired scrap material timely to ensure your work area is clear to carry out your operations. At GSM, we have the capability to cater to small and large industrial projects with the he help of our trucks, boxes, end-dump trailers, hoppers etc.


Our fleet is available for quick turnarounds to transport scrap.


We are a leading global supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metal across the world safely and timely. Our areas of operation include South East Asia, Far East and Middle Eastern countries


We can ship and recieve steel scrap via railcars directly through our faility.

What you receive with our Logistics service
Container drop off & pick up schedules
Inventory Management programs
Variety of
full-service trucks

Contact us today to schedule the right transportation services for your facility or jobsite.