Industrial operations result in huge amounts of scrap as part of their daily functions. Accumulating piles on your factory floor can take up valuable space while dumping it in a landfill can be environmentally irresponsible. By timely processing and recycling all this scrap, companies can save a fortune while also protecting the environment.

Our team at Gold Star is capable of creating an intense schedule to pick up metal-scrap material from projects and facilities in an efficient and safe manner. Our operations and infrastructure are built to efficiently handle projects of varying sizes, and our logistics department works rigorously to ensure that clean-up is handled promptly for the duration of the process.

All scrap-material from clean-up projects are safely processed and recycled at Gold Star facilities in accordance with all environmental regulations. Here, each material is analysed, processed and treated for maximum value to the company and the environment.

Does your facility, project or company need steel clean up and recycling services? Connect with Gold Star Metals today to find out how we can help.