Scrap Metal Container and Dumpster Services

Gold Star Metals is your go-to for exceptional scrap metal container services across Texas. We specialize in efficient and rapid solutions for the manufacturing industry and various job sites, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Our range of scrap metal dumpsters, roll-off containers, hoppers, and flatbeds guarantees an effortless scrap management process.

Enhancing our scrap metal service, each container features GPS tracking and photo capabilities, enabling real-time load monitoring. Access vital information easily through our dedicated supplier portal, designed for your convenience.

Houston manufacturing scrap metal yard with roll off boxes

How We Do It?

Efficient Scheduling

Timely and efficient scheduling ensures precise fulfillment of your scrap metal recycling needs.

Specialized Equipment

Our diverse range of scrap metal dumpsters and containers is designed for all types of metal waste.

Trained Professionals

Expertly trained, our team guarantees safe and professional scrap metal management.

Reliable Processing

We adhere to the highest industry standards for dependable scrap metal processing.

Benefits of Choosing Gold Star Metals:

Efficient Scrap Metal Handling

Our processes minimize downtime and maximize productivity in scrap metal handling.

Rapid & Reliable Service

Expect quick and consistent service with our scrap metal dumpster solutions.

Diverse Container Selection

A variety of container options, including roll-offs and flatbeds, cater to all needs.

Advanced Container Features

Containers with GPS tracking and photo capabilities for real-time load monitoring.

Online Supplier Portal

Easy access to essential information via our user-friendly supplier portal.

Accurate Documentation

Certified weight tickets and comprehensive documentation for all transactions.