Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Gold Star Metals specializes in comprehensive scrap metal recycling services including container and dumpster rentals, on-site collection, and processing, catering to both commercial and residential needs in Texas.

To find the best scrap metal company, look for one with a strong reputation, reliable services, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Gold Star Metals offers all these, with facilities conveniently located across Texas.
Scrap metal prices fluctuate based on market demand and metal type. For the most current rates in Houston, please contact our procurement team.
Consider the size of your project, type of metal to be disposed of, and frequency of collection. Our team at Gold Star Metals can help you select the perfect dumpster service to fit your needs.
HMS stands for Heavy Melting Steel, a commonly recycled steel scrap used in various industries for manufacturing and construction purposes.
HMS #1 scrap is larger and thicker steel, while HMS #2 contains thinner pieces. Both are valuable for recycling, and we accept both types at Gold Star Metals.

P&S scrap refers to Plate and Structural scrap, typically larger and heavier than busheling scrap, which is clean, new steel clippings from manufacturing.

Auto Cast scrap consists of cast iron automotive parts like engine blocks and rotors, free from other contaminants.

Yes, at Gold Star Metals, we offer competitive pricing for rebar scrap metal based on the latest market rates in Houston.

We provide a wide range of surplus steel and iron options suitable for various applications, offering quality materials at competitive prices.

Look for a provider with a diverse inventory, competitive pricing, and a strong reputation. Gold Star Metals offers all these and more, with convenient locations for easy access.

Scrap prices are influenced by global market trends, local demand, and the type of metal.

We play a pivotal role in Texas’s steel recycling industry by offering state-of-the-art recycling facilities, sustainable practices, and competitive pricing.

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