Industrial Services

Gold Star Metals is a leading provider of customized metal-recycling programs designed to cater to the unique needs of various industries. With our expertise in scrap metal recycling, we offer comprehensive solutions for managing and processing unusable scrap metal by-products generated during day-to-day industrial operations. Whether you are an oil and gas company or a demolition contractor, we have the capabilities to analyze, treat, and recover valuable materials from industrial projects.

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How We Do It?

Customized Recycling Programs:

Our stevedoring services ensure swift and streamlined operations, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity for your steel-related commodities.

Advanced Processing Techniques:

Our strategically located facilities provide convenient on/off load access to rail, truck, and barge transportation, making the logistics of moving your inventory seamless and cost-effective.

Expert Analysis and Evaluation:

Our team of Experienced professionals conduct detailed analysis to identify valuable metals and determine optimal recycling methods.

Benefits of choosing us for Certified Destruction:

Efficient Scrap Metal Management:

Our service ensures the Proper analysis, processing, and treatment to maximize asset value and waste management efficiency.

Environmental Responsibility:

By partnering with us, Industries contribute to Sustainable practices, resource conservation, and reduced reliance on raw materials.

Asset Recovery:

We do Collaboration for repurposing and recovering value from discontinued projects or unusable materials.

Industry Expertise:

We have extensive experience and understanding of diverse industry requirements and challenges in scrap metal recycling.

Comprehensive Services:

Our additional solutions include container collection, dismantling, stevedoring and providing streamlined operations.

Commitment to Excellence:

We are dedicated to deliver exceptional service quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction for a seamless metal recycling experience.